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hey...i'm kinda new to this whole scene and i have some questions about it...
how many of you kids are sxe because of religious reasons?
do you all go by the three x's? (i know some sxe kids and they don't drink or do drugs, but yet they still mess around with people, is this still sxe?)

you see, i realized about i year ago that i didn't want to become my alcoholic mother or go through what my best friend had, i'd seen her od twice. so i was like, fuck all this shit i've been doing, it's not taking me anywhere. my best friend is the only one that has stopped with me. so i really don't know many to talk to about this.
now, the reason i asked how many people are religious, because it seems like christianity and sxe go hand in hand a lot. i'm atheist and i don't want to be automatically catigorized into something i'm not if i say i'm sxe. ok, lastly, i enjoy sex and don't think there is anything wrong with it. and i could never be sxe if it involved giving that up...that's the one thing i don't understand. anyway thanks for reading this....comments are welcomed and appreciated!
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